Referral & Broker Program

Start a Successful Brokering Career

As a commercial lender that offers financial solutions to businesses of all types and sizes, Mase Capital is always on the lookout for talented brokers to add to our team. We expect our brokers to provide exceptional customer service by customizing loan solutions to meet the individual needs of our clients. Although we demand a lot of hard work and dedication from our team members, we reward them in several ways.

Qualities We Value

The financial industry is stable and growing, but it is also competitive so people need to embody certain qualities to build a successful career in this field. Mase Capital values the following qualities and looks for applicants who possess these characteristics.

  • Confidence: You believe you are capable of completing job assignments.
  • Friendliness: You connect easily with potential clients through networking.
  • Humor: You use well-placed humor to connect with clients.
  • Organization: You complete assignments without getting sidetracked.
  • Motivation: You are driven to complete assignments properly.
  • Knowledge: You have a thorough understanding of how the financial industry works.

Benefits We Offer

As a member of our team, you can expect to receive an excellent commission on every transaction. You will be paid immediately upon closing and will be protected with upfront fee disclosure. In addition to having the opportunity to work remotely from anywhere with internet access, you will also earn reciprocal referrals for returning clients so you can build your financial portfolio. Being a member of our referral and broker program allows you to sharpen your financial skills so you can build a successful and rewarding career that helps companies of all sizes thrive.

Apply Today To Join Our Team

Mase Capital is always ready to expand our referral and broker program with talented individuals. If you would like to take advantage of the many benefits we offer for joining our team, contact us today to apply.