How to Better Curate Your Website Content to Improve Your SEO Score

How to Better Curate Your Website Content to Improve Your SEO Score

One way to improve any website’s SEO score is to make sure the content on the website is organized. With how competitive search engine rankings are, you need to improve your content strategy from simply writing good content to making sure website users can easily find your content. Below are some tips that any kind of website designer or owner can use to improve their website’s organization and SEO score.

Use Picture and Article Tags

Whenever you write a new article or blog post or upload a new picture to your website (whether the picture is being used as a cover image or within the article), adding tags to it can help to make the content easier to find. When a person tags a picture or post, the website’s internal search bar can more easily find the post. This can give website users more relevant search results.

Make Article Categories

Another way website designers and curators can make a website more organized is to put articles into categories. With most website building sites, website owners can make up their own categories that best fit their content. For example, if someone ran an astrology website, they might have one category for zodiac personality traits and another for horoscopes. This way, website users can click on one category and better-find the content they are looking for.

Organize Posts on Social Media

If your website is linked to a social media account, then it’s best to make the social media account as organized as possible. Like with blog posts and pictures, make sure to use tags whenever you post something new. This not only helps users looking at the business’s social media profile find relevent posts, but also help users searching for a specific tag on the social media site in general (so long as the business’s social media account is set to public).

Just like on websites, some social media websites also allow accounts to sort posts and pictures into categories. Pinterest is one of the best examples of a social media site that has this option. On Pinterest, users can upload pictures, tag them, attach a link, and put it in a group with similar posts.

No matter how far along your website has come, it’s always a good idea to try to make it seem more organized. The easier it is for people to find what they are looking for on a website, the more likely they are to come back for more. Also, a better SEO score never hurt anybody!