How To Be Successful at Content Marketing

How To Be Successful at Content Marketing

The most important component of every digital marketing strategy is consistently producing quality content that your customers and social media followers want to read. Blog posts, ebooks, videos, podcasts and website articles that appeal to your users will get watched or read and shared with their friends and followers. Here are a few tips to help you create a successful content marketing strategy.

Analyze Your Results Regularly

Study the analytics for your website and social media platforms regularly. Take note of the content that your users and followers engaged with and shared, and add more media about those topics into your content calendar. Likewise, stop creating more posts or videos on subjects that aren’t connecting with your customers.

Recycle Your Digital Assets

Your company’s owned media consists of all the digital assets you create and manage on your own. These items are also a rich treasure for you to recycle in your content marketing calendar and save you time from coming up with new ideas. You can repurpose a great blog published on your website into several social media posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you write a series of posts featuring 10 helpful tips for your social media followers, turn them into a colorful ebook or the subject of a video or podcast featured on your website.

Stop Seeking Perfection

Many marketing professionals spend more time than necessary trying to create award-worthy content that will wow the customer base and is as close to perfection as possible. This wastes a lot of time when brainstorming new ideas and the writing and polishing phases of the content creation process. Your goal is to create blogs, social media posts, videos, podcasts and web articles that your target audience finds helpful and interesting that are produced in the tone of your company’s brand with no grammatical errors. Keeping your focus on these two guidelines will help you steer clear of the perfectionist trap.

Capture Content Ideas

You never know when an idea for a podcast, video, ebook or social media post will cross your mind, so be prepared to capture inspiration at all times. Use a physical notebook or the notes feature on your smartphone to jot that idea down while it is fresh in your mind.

The key to a successful content marketing plan is consistently publishing website articles, blog posts, ebooks, videos, podcasts and social media posts that your customers find helpful and interesting. Following these guidelines will help you keep your content calendar full of items that click with your target audience.