Stated Income Commercial Real Estate

Is a Stated Income Loan Right for Your Business?

If you want your business to stay competitive in the market, you need to secure flexible financing that allows it to grow in a wide variety of ways. Traditional loans often designate their funds for specific purposes, so you can either secure multiple loans that help you grow your company or you can look for alternative financing such as a stated income commercial real estate loan. This avenue of financing gives you complete freedom over how you spend the funds you receive, and the stated income loans offered by Mase Capital come with competitive terms designed to help your company thrive.

Differences Between Stated Income Loans and Traditional Financing

Because stated income loans require minimal paperwork, they are often approved more quickly than other types of financing. They are also easier to qualify for because they base eligibility on property value rather than credit history. Regardless of your company’s credit score, it qualifies for a stated income loan if it owns property with a value greater than the cost of its mortgage, insurance and taxes.

Advantages of Stated Income Loans

Flexibility is the most obvious benefit of stated income loans. You may use the funds you receive in any way you deem fit to improve your business, from purchasing equipment to consolidating debt. Mase Capital also offers the following benefits to borrowers with credit scores of 600 or greater.

  • Loan amounts of up to $500,000
  • W-2 and self-employment documentation
  • Fixed rates
  • Loan terms of 25 years
  • 65% LTV for commercial properties
  • 70% LTV for investment and owner-occupied properties
  • 75% LTV for multi-family and mixed-use properties

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Mase Capital wants to help you build a successful, thriving business by offering stated income commercial real estate loans. To learn more about this type of financing and discover if it is the right solution for your business, contact us today.