Purchase Order Financing

How Your Firm Can Benefit From Purchase Order Financing

Purchase order financing s an option that many businesses use, especially those in which fulfillment of pre-sold orders is a major segment.

Her’s how purchase order financing works: Simply put, we issue to your firm a cash advance for goods that have been ordered, but not yet delivered. In other words, we will give you the money you need for you to make more money. If your firm is experiencing a major uptick in orders such that your working capital is overwhelmed, then purchase order financing may be ideal for you.

Typical businesses that may find purchase order financing attractive include importers, resellers, warehousers, and online third-party sellers.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Finance With Mase Capital

When you obtain purchase order financing from Mase Capital, you’ll undoubtedly appreciate the following:

  • Swift receipt of your funds
  • The ability to use the funds any way that you see fit
  • The opportunity to expand your business by taking on large orders without crippling your on-hand cash
  • The ability to make on-time deliveries, especially for new, large-order customers

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