Healthcare Financing

Continue Providing Healthcare Services to Your Community

Community distress can easily make it harder for a medical practice to stay open when it is needed most. At Mase Capital, we provide healthcare financing that can help your practice grow and thrive, even in difficult times. These funds can be used for the most expensive parts of running your facility.

Working Capital

You can pay for anything your health service needs, such as inventory or payroll. Our financing comes with certain benefits, including:

  • No upfront payments
  • No reporting to personal credit bureaus
  • Longer terms up to 72 months

Practice Acquisition

Maintaining a presence in your community can mean buying out a partner or acquiring another facility. At <company name>, we offer up to 100% financing for qualified individuals.

Equipment Leasing

Cover your expensive medical equipment with healthcare financing. Whether you need diagnostic or treatment equipment, we can cover up to 50% of the soft costs.

Debt Consolidation

If there are multiple bills piling up, you can combine these into one payment, often at a lower interest rate. We have a fast turnaround time that lets you pay off your debts within one week.

Find Out More

Contact our office to find out how much working capital we can contribute to your medical practice. We can send you an application or walk you through the process over the phone.