Accounts Receivable

Discover Why Accounts Receivable Financing Is Such a Popular Solution for Businesses

Not everyone pays their invoices on time, and that’s to be expected no matter what type of business you run. But if you’re consistently having certain customers take 90 days or maybe even longer to pay, you may be looking for a solution. No business likes to take customers to collection, but that may be the next step for customers who refuse to pay their invoices. Fortunately, Mase Capital can buy those unwanted receivable accounts from you. Our accounts receivable financing program allows you to sell your unwanted receivable accounts to us. We’ll buy them for a discounted rate so you don’t have to worry about collections.

Program Details

Financing receivables is pretty simple. You basically get money right away for selling an asset to us. That means you’re not taking on more bank debt, which is nice if you’re trying to avoid debt. Here are a few more details of our program:

  • No-cost credit insurance on all qualifying accounts
  • Funding that increases in tandem with your increasing sales
  • Cash within 24 hours
  • No need to make fixed payments

This program can provide you with the extra funds you need to complete large orders on time. It can also become a great source of working capital.

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