5 Great Sites To Visit for Web Design Inspiration

5 Great Sites To Visit for Web Design Inspiration

In order to stay excited about digital marketing and web design, it’s important to expose yourself to things you’ve never seen before — to break out of your visual box. You might decide to go for a hike and let the colors of nature become palette ideas. You might peruse an international newspaper and note the layout and general aesthetic. You might even grab some paints or pastels and make some art IRL. Online sites can help you break out of the visual box, too. Here are a few of the best.

1. Siteinspire

The power of Siteinspire lies in its sophisticated ability to sort according to the platform the sites are built on. You can also filter according to subject, type, and style. If you have expertise in a certain platform, knowing about the site you’re looking at can help you visualize how the designer constructed it. That’s great motivation for creativity and helps demystify their process.

2. Awwwards

The venerable Awwwards features a rating system for every website featured and presents a new site every day on its home page. The design community gets a chance to comment on sites, and Awwwards also provides in-depth analyses. If you’re looking for more modern and less traditional styling, Awwwards is a great web design resource.

3. CSS Nectar

If the magic of CSS and its application to web design interests you, don’t miss CSS Nectar. It has an elegant gallery that you can draw innovative ideas from. Their rating system evaluates coding, creativity, and overall design. The site also has a robust sorting feature.

4. Pinterest

Going beyond web design-specific sites, there are numerous resources to bring delight to your imagination and new energy to your web design. Pinterest has been around for a while and is a favorite of some of the highest-level designers and design aficionados. Its masonry grid layout is refreshing, with vertically oriented images. Take advantage of the “Explore” link to view illustration, art, and photography categories, or search for “web design” to look at images of websites.

5. Behance

Behance is a treasure trove with galleries that feature everything from advertising to graphic design, fine art to architecture. It’s another resource that takes you beyond the web design world into a larger visual field.

Staying creative is a continuous challenge when it comes to web design. Bookmark these sites so you can refer to them easily for inspiration.